Best Songs About Rain

songs about rain

Rain has always been a source of inspiration for artists and musicians throughout history. Its calming sound, romantic connotations, and powerful symbolism have all made it a popular subject for songs. From classic rock ballads to modern pop hits, songs about rain have captured the hearts and minds of listeners for decades.

Rain can be associated with memories of childhood or past experiences, and songs about rain can evoke feelings of nostalgia and longing for simpler times.

Here, In this blog will explore the interesting world of songs about rain, their meanings and their influence on popular culture.

1. B.J Thomas – “Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head”

“Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head” is a popular song written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, and performed by B.J. Thomas. It was originally written for the 1969 film “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” where it played during a famous scene where Paul Newman and Katharine Ross ride a bicycle together.

The lyrics of “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head” speak to a universal theme of perseverance and resilience in the face of adversity. The chorus, which repeats the titular phrase several times, is a reminder that life’s challenges will keep coming, but we must keep pushing forward.

2. Ann Peebles – “I Can’t Stand The Rain”

“I Can’t Stand the Rain” is a soulful R&B song written by Ann Peebles, her husband Don Bryant, and DJ Bernard “Bernie” “Bubba” Miller. The song was first recorded and released by Peebles in 1973 and became one of her signature hits.

The song features a driving rhythm section and Peebles’ powerful vocals, which convey the frustration and longing expressed in the lyrics. The main hook of the song, “I can’t stand the rain against my window, bringing back sweet memories,” has become iconic, and the song has been covered by numerous artists over the years.

3. The Eurythmics – “Here Comes The Rain Again”

“Here Comes the Rain Again” is a popular song by the British pop duo The Eurythmics, composed of Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart. The song was released in 1984.

The song’s distinctive opening features a haunting synthesizer riff, which sets the tone for Lennox’s introspective lyrics about love and loss. The chorus, “Here comes the rain again, falling on my head like a memory,” is both melancholic and beautiful, and perfectly captures the feeling of nostalgia and longing.

4. Cindy Bullen – “Raining on Prom Night”

“Raining on Prom Night” is a song written by Cindy Bullens and featured in the 1978 musical film “Grease.” The song is performed by the character of “Johnny Casino and the Gamblers” during the “National Bandstand” scene.

The song is a nostalgic ballad that speaks to the disappointment and heartbreak that comes when the weather ruins a special occasion. The lyrics are filled with vivid imagery, describing the rain as “beads of pearl” and the prom as a “fairy tale,” creating a sense of romanticism and longing.

5. Etta James- “Out Of The Rain”

“Out of the Rain” is a soulful blues song recorded by Etta James, the American singer known for her powerful and emotive vocals. The song was written by Tony Joe White and produced by Jerry Wexler for James’ 1995 album “Time After Time.”

The song features a slow, bluesy rhythm, with James’ distinctive voice lending an air of melancholy to the lyrics. The song’s opening lines, “I’m standing in the rain / Wishing you were here with me,” convey a sense of longing and heartbreak that is common in blues music.

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6. Credence Clearwater Revival – “Have You Ever Seen The Rain?”

“Have You Ever Seen The Rain?” is a classic rock song by American band Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR). The song was released in 1971 as a single from their album “Pendulum” and became one of the band’s biggest hits.

The song’s lyrics explore the theme of disillusionment and disappointment, using rain as a metaphor for life’s struggles and setbacks. The opening lines, “Someone told me long ago / There’s a calm before the storm,” set the tone for the rest of the song, which is filled with powerful imagery and poignant reflections on the human experience.

7. The Script – “Rain”

“Rain” is a song by Irish band The Script, released in 2017. The song is about a person going through a difficult time, feeling like they are alone and struggling to keep going. The lyrics talk about how rain can be a metaphor for the struggles of life, as it can be both a source of nourishment and growth, but also a destructive force.

The song has a slow, mellow melody, with gentle guitar and piano accompaniment. The vocals are emotive and passionate, conveying the sense of struggle and pain that the lyrics describe. The chorus of the song is particularly memorable, with the repeated line, “When I’m standing in the rain / I don’t need a hand to hold.”

8. Slayer – “Raining Blood”

“Raining Blood” is a fast-paced and intense song by American thrash metal band Slayer. The song was released in 1986 as the opening track on their album “Reign in Blood,” and has since become one of their most well-known and influential songs.

Lyrically, “Raining Blood” is inspired by horror movies and the concept of Armageddon, with lyrics depicting a world consumed by chaos and destruction. The song’s title refers to a scene of blood raining down from the sky, symbolizing the apocalyptic imagery of the lyrics.

9. Sherman Robertson – “Make It Rain”

“Make It Rain” is a song that appears on Sherman Robertson’s 1998 album “Going Back Home”. The song is a slow blues number that features Robertson’s soulful guitar playing and powerful vocals.

The lyrics of the song describe the struggles of a man who is down on his luck and unable to provide for his family. He prays for rain to come and wash away his troubles, but even when the rain comes, his problems remain.

10. Travis – “Why does it always rain on me?”

“Why Does It Always Rain on Me?” is a song by Scottish indie rock band Travis. It was released in August 1999 as the second single from their second studio album, “The Man Who.” The song was written by lead singer Fran Healy, and it is widely considered one of the band’s most popular and recognizable songs.

The lyrics of the song describe a person who feels like they are constantly having bad luck and being rained on, both literally and metaphorically. The song’s chorus includes the memorable lines “Why does it always rain on me? / Is it because I lied when I was seventeen?”


Songs about rain have a special place in the hearts of music lovers. Whether they’re exploring themes of heartbreak, renewal, or joy, these songs have the power to evoke a range of emotions and connect with listeners on a deep level. From soulful ballads to disco anthems, there’s a rain-themed song for every taste and mood.

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