Best Songs With Baby In Title

Some people may feel a personal connection to the word “baby” because it can evoke feelings of love, comfort, or nostalgia. Some songs that use the word “baby” in a positive or romantic context can make people feel happy.

Some songs with the word “baby” in the title can be catchy and have a catchy chorus that people can remember. This can make it enjoyable to listen to or sing along to.

Many popular songs throughout the decades have used the word “baby” in the title, such as classic rock, pop, and R&B hits. Some people may enjoy listening to these songs as a way of connecting with or appreciating popular culture.

In this article we brought for you some songs with baby in title.

1. “Don’t Worry Baby” – The Beach Boys

“Don’t Worry Baby” is a song by the American rock band The Beach Boys, released in 1964. The song is about a young man worried about losing a race in his hot rod car. His girlfriend assures him that everything will be fine. The lyrics express a sense of youthful insecurity and vulnerability, but also the comfort that can be found in the support of loved ones.

2. “Be My Baby” – The Ronettes

“Be My Baby” is a classic song by the American girl group The Ronettes, released in 1963. The song is about a woman who loves her man very much and wants him to never let her go. The chorus states “Be my, be my baby” – which is one of the most popular and famous lines in pop music.

3. “Baby, You’re A Rich Man” – The Beatles

“Baby, You’re a Rich Man” is a song by the Beatles, released in 1967. The lyrics of this song are mysterious and people have interpreted it in different ways. One interpretation is that the song is a criticism of society’s materialism and greed, with the title line being a sarcastic comment on how wealth is often equated with success and happiness. The verses seem to be addressing a wealthy man who is unhappy despite his wealth and telling him that he has everything he needs and should be happy.

4. “My Baby Just Cares for Me” – Nina Simone

“My Baby Just Cares for Me” is a song written by Walter Donaldson and Gus Kahn in 1930, and was popularized by Nina Simone in 1958. The song is about the love a partner has for his lover. The song talks about how the partner only cares for the singer and how it makes the singer feel loved and special.

5. “I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight” – Bob Dylan

“I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight” is a song written and performed by Bob Dylan, released in 1967. The song is about a man who is ready to come and be a “baby tonight” of a lover – someone who will be there for him when he needs someone to comfort him and be a good friend. He also suggests that there is something fun and spontaneous in their relationship – that she can turn the light off and on, or wind it up.

6. “Baby Be Mine” – Michael Jackson

“Baby Be Mine” is a song by American recording artist Michael Jackson, which was included on his sixth studio album, “Thriller,” released in 1982. The song is about a man who is in love with a woman and wants her to be his partner. He talks about how they can have fun together, and how he wants to be with her forever.

7. “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” – Led Zeppelin

“Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” is a song by the English rock band Led Zeppelin, released on their 1969 self-titled debut album. The song features a complex arrangement with acoustic and electric guitar parts. It builds in intensity throughout the track, with Plant’s vocal performance being particularly notable. The song tells the story of a relationship in which the narrator is struggling to decide whether or not to leave her lover.

8. “Baby, I Love Your Way” – Big Mountain

“Baby, I Love Your Way” is a song originally written and recorded by British singer-songwriter Peter Frampton in 1975, and was later covered by the American reggae-pop band Big Mountain in 1994.

The song is about the narrator’s love for his partner and how he loves everything about her. The chorus contains the memorable line, “Oh, baby, I love your way, every day.” The song has been praised by people for its catchy melody, catchy hook and romantic lyrics.

9. “Baby Driver” – Simon and Garfunkel

“Baby Driver” is a song by American folk rock duo Simon & Garfunkel, which was released on their 1970 album “Bridge over Troubled Water.” The song features a catchy melody, intricate guitar work, and a driving rhythm, and has been praised for its musical complexity and intricate wordplay.

10. “Baby” – Justin Bieber Feat. Ludacris

“Baby” is a song by Canadian singer Justin Bieber featuring American rapper Ludacris. The song was released in 2010 as the lead single from Bieber’s album “My World 2.0.”

“Baby” is a pop and R&B song that features a catchy melody and upbeat rhythm. The lyrics are about a young man expressing his love and devotion to his girlfriend, and the chorus features the memorable refrain, “Baby, baby, baby, oh.”


There are many popular songs with the word “baby” in the title, and they cover a wide range of musical styles and genres. Some of these songs express love and affection, or tell stories of romantic relationships and emotional experiences.

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